Spiritual Growth

I used to wonder why I attracted so many men that were toxic to me or better yet; what the hell was wrong with them.  But after some soul-searching and growth, I realized I was the problem!!!  It takes a mature person to admit, accept, and uphold accountability for their actions.  And I am going to share with you my journey for continued spiritual growth especially when it comes to soul-ties and connections.

  • In order to grow spiritually and mentally, I had to take a deep look inside of MYSELF!!! No one else is responsible for the choices and decisions I MADE. You should take time alone and really evaluate yourself and the choices you’ve made.  Figure out how to make better choices for YOU.
  • You have to follow your intuition, instincts, or vibes.  If it doesn’t feel or seem right; don’t do it.  I don’t care how nice or carefree you are.  Sometimes you can be too nice for your own good.  When people realize that; they may take full advantage of this.  Now you are stuck in situations you wish you could have avoided a long time ago. I never followed my intuition when it came to some things.  When I didn’t; I ended up in situations that cost me dearly.
  • Make sure you set boundaries and stick with them. Don’t let others dictate what it is your trying to do within yourself.  Find that inner peace.  If someone is for you; they will honor your boundaries and respect your personal decisions made.  You have to put demands on what you expect from someone.  Sometimes being too easy-going isn’t a good thing.
  • Look at the bad as a good thing.  Forgive yourself and allow those lessons to be your avenue to make better decisions in your life.  I have literally turned my negatives into positives.  I have utilized my past mistakes and bumps in the road as spiritual stepping stones.
  • I take time out for myself.  I suggest you do the same.  Whatever it is that satisfies you do it.  When you take the time; who is meant to be there with/for you will come because you will share the same energy and belief system.  Who is for you will be on the same wavelength you are on.  You will know when the time is right instead of forcing your hand because you are in a rush to be in a relationship.
  • Let go but never forget.  You must let go of all the past energy and start anew.  But you should never forget the lessons, signs, and consequences that were learned along the way.  This will bring humbleness within your spirit.  It will make you stronger and wiser.  And let’s not forget that it will take some time to get rid of the detrimental soul-ties.


soul ties

It all starts with YOU!!! If you want to find peace within yourself, you have to be alone for a while to actually understand where you are trying to be and what you really deserve.  That is peace of mind, spiritual growth, mental, and physical health.