“This is the beginning of my journey to become a blogger. I want to share various topics that may inspire and require growth. In order for me to put complete closure to my ordeal; my counselor agreed that it would be therapeutic to speak my truth and begin writing. I wanted to write a book, but I couldn’t figure out how to put it on paper. So my inner voice said, “start a blog”. That way others can post, share, and respond. I’m telling you now I have tough skin so even folks who agree/disagree will not deter me at all. I can accept criticism; because I have criticized myself enough. I hope you find this to be inspirational, conversational, and also a learning experience. This page will not only be about domestic abuse; but about relationships, marriage, financial goals, debt, side-chick, spiritual growth, and many more topics that may float your boat. All I ask the audience is to be respectful and courteous to others points-of-view. Feel free to send your topics, questions/concerns via email and start a dialogue amongst grown folks. I will also add a male point-of-view into this experience so that both sexes can be represented.