Free Your Mind

With the hustle and bustle going on lately, it’s no wonder your mind and body are calling for “Calgon”.  So many of us are going thru the days as if you are a zombie.  There is so much that needs to get done; and not enough time to do it. Why not set aside some time for yourself?


Think about it, you are not any good for anyone or yourself if you haven’t made time for YOU!!! I am famous for the word “NO” when it is necessary.  I also will not allow things/people interrupt my spiritual healing. Here are a few things you should do to eliminate some of that extra stress that embodies your everyday life.

  1. Take the day off!!! If you have the time to enjoy an extended weekend; do it. You do not owe anyone any explanation to why you need your day for peace and quiet.  If you have children, try to take a day when you will not have them at home with you. If you do not want to deal with your significant other/spouse; then also plan that day off accordingly.
  2. Treat yourself out for a pampering day. If it is getting a massage, facial, mani-and-pedicure, or just getting a haircut set aside that time and get that treatment. Hell, you can do all of them if you like!!
  3. Take yourself out on a date. Learn to enjoy some alone time out. Whether it’s a movie or a dinner date alone; try it out!!! I promise you will enjoy it.  There is nothing like watching a movie YOU want without having someone along that really isn’t pressed to watch. You can even eat what you want without feeling guilty!!! You can enjoy this cheat day for once.
  4. Stop taking on others burdens/issues. I find that the majority of people’s stress is focused on this one right here.  Stop worrying about others’ problems, issues, and or decisions. If you know they are not going to listen/change their actions; all you can do is be there for a listening ear.  Hell, sometimes you just might have to take your ears out of the equation just to keep your sanity.  It is okay.  You owe no one an explanation for taking a break from their sorrows.  If they are a true friend; they will understand why you had to take a break from them for a while. If not, you did yourself a favor by eliminating them from your circle.
  5. Find something you are passionate about and do it. If you have a love for exercise, dance, walking, camping, traveling, etc. do it!!! Make time for the things you love.  If I could dance every day, I would!!!  I am not the greatest but I will shake a tail feather or two. Plus it is great exercise. I also love to travel!! I will get on a plane by myself without any hesitation.  I will even drive to a destination and stay alone!!
  6. Find your peace. This is the hardest, yet most important part of freeing your mind. It may be just taking a bubble bath with candles and classical music on with a glass of wine or sitting outdoors with nature.  I have an aromatherapy machine that I can add my very own oils. I love sleeping with it on.  I enjoy the outdoors!!! Sitting on the porch or working in the yard is my peace.

Whatever it takes for you to get a handle on your life and the stresses that will occur; always find the time to free your mind.  Your body and others will appreciate you for it.


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